The last six people in the US to find out Donald Trump is president were in the Big Brother house, watch their reaction

They couldn't believe 'a reality TV star is our president,' somewhat ironically 

Christopher Hooton
Friday 11 November 2016 12:54
These were the last six people in the US to find out Donald Trump is president, watch their reaction

I know what you’re thinking, yes, Big Brother is still a thing!

It’s currently airing its 18th season in the US on CBS, a marathon 99-day one that started on 21 September.

This marks the first time contestants have been in the Big Brother house while a presidential election has taken place, and given the significance of this one, they were pretty much the last people in the country to find out about Trump’s surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Asked to predict who they thought had won by Big Brother, five out of six went for the Democratic candidate.

One housemate though (I don’t know their names, which I’m sure you’ll forgive), opted for Trump, quite accurately musing: “I’m really hoping that our generation stood up and made their voice heard more than just their rants on social media, but I still think it’s a big possibility that Donald Trump won.”


When Big Brother reveals the news the contestants are aghast: “Are you joking?” “Oh my god.” “I’m gonna cry again.” “Tell us it was a prank.”

After a pause, one of them, with zero irony, says: “A reality TV star is our president.”

The Big Brother house looks like a pretty soul destroying environment, but the housemates eventually consider staying in light of the news.

Oh it’s gonna be shit when we get out of here…can we just stay in here for the next 4 years?”

Trump, the president-elect, is set to be inaugurated on Friday 20 January, 2017.

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