Breaking Bad fans left disappointed over secret Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul project

One Instagram user described the reveal as "the biggest anticlimax of 2019"

Adam White@__adamwhite
Wednesday 10 July 2019 09:30
Bryan Cranston teases potential appearance in Breaking Bad film

Breaking Bad fans have expressed disappointment after a teased reunion between stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, which many had hoped would be related to the rumoured movie version of the TV series, turned out to be advertising for their new tequila brand.

Starting in June, the pair had posted a series of photographs on their respective Instagrams hinting at a new collaboration. One picture posted on both of their accounts, in which Cranston and Paul are seen wading through a river along alongside the caption “Even Sooner”, was collectively liked by nearly a million people.

But last night, the former co-stars confirmed that the photos were in fact teasing their new brand of “real, artisanal” Mezcal, with Cranston writing: “We named it Dos Hombres – two guys on a quest. It’s been a long and crazy journey and we couldn’t be happier to share this with you and the rest of the world. We are crazy about the taste, the aroma, and the versatility of this smokey, age-old alcohol. Try it, and let us know what you think. We are certain you will love it.”

A number of Breaking Bad fans have since reacted with displeasure, bombarding the pair with comments on their Instagrams that express their disappointment. “Biggest let down in history,” said one person, while another wrote: “Wow, no Breaking Bad movie reveal. Who the f**k cares about this? Hyped up for nothing.”

Another wrote: “Such a disappointment, we are all here waiting for a new project and you just come with a lame ass business idea. Goddamn alcohol beverage, really?” One Instagram commenter even referred to the reveal as “the biggest anticlimax of 2019”.

Others, however, were more enthusiastic. “F***in’ gnarly bro”, one person wrote, “Mad props.” A second added: “All y’all shut the f*** up about Breaking Bad! Just be happy that ya boyz [sic] created competent artisanal Mezcal!”

After years of demand, a Breaking Bad television movie is reportedly in the works but remains under tight lock and key with no official announcement of its existence. In February the industry site Deadline claimed that the film, believed to follow Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman in the aftermath of the series, will roll before cameras this November for a 2020 release on Netflix.

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