Bryan Cranston brings back Walter White to mock Donald Trump on SNL

'Donald Trump and I agree, it's time to make American cook again'

Clarisse Loughrey@clarisselou
Sunday 11 December 2016 10:33
Bryan Cranston brings back Walter White to mock Trump on SNL

The ongoing farce that remains Donald Trump's cabinet picks was almost too rich a fodder for Saturday Night Live, who took advantage of the opportunity to bring back one of TV's most iconic figures.

Yes, Breaking Bad's own Walter White (AKA Bryan Cranston) dropped in to announce his nomination as Trump's pick for the new head of the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Coming highly recommended by Steve Bannon, White was apparently picked up off the comment section of Breitbart, surprising considering he's been off the grid for a while; as White suggests he faked his own death, in reference to a popular fan theory about Breaking Bad's own finale.

White then confessed he was a fan of Trump, as a man who "acts first and then asks questions later"; with his infamous wall a convenient way for White to muscle out the competition in his own business enterprise.

"Donald Trump and I agree, it's time to make American cook again," White concluded. "We want to fill this nation with red, white, and a whole lot of blue."

We'll have to see whether this latest sketch angers the President-elect once more; who's been spending a whole lot of time on Twitter railing against the television sketch show, getting into a spat with the man who impersonates him - Alec Baldwin.

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