Carol Vorderman posts tearful video after ‘frightening’ experience with paparazzi outside home

‘You don’t own me,’ she can be heard shouting at the photographers

Jacob Stolworthy@Jacob_Stol
Saturday 06 June 2020 14:18
Carol Vorderman cries in Twitter video after being 'harassed' outside home

Carol Vorderman has posted a video of herself in tears on Twitter after being “frightened” by two male photographers outside her house.

The television personality, 59, sat in her car following the experience, and filmed the tearful message to show her followers how much the moment had affected her.

She also posted footage of the two photographers she had filmed while walking to her car, in which she can be heard shouting: “You don’t own me.”

One of the men then suggested he had the right to be there considering she is a celebrity.

Vorderman, who was on her way to Cardiff to record her BBC Radio Wales show, was so upset she was forced to “pull over and put the engine off”.

“It’s really upset me,” she said through tears, adding: ”I hope nobody uses the photographs – that’s all I’m saying.”

In an earlier tweet, Vorderman said she had re-entered her house after noticing the photographers in an attempt to try and work out how to proceed.

“I went back inside to have a think and so I filmed them,” she wrote. “There’s one nice pap in Bristol who is respectful. Not these two. It frightened me tbh.”

She later wrote: “I will report the two paparazzi to the police later. I don’t expect they will be able to do anything (not their fault and they have bigger things to think about), but at least then it’s logged.”

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