Danny Dyer to deliver alternative Christmas message on Channel 4

Actor will compete with the Queen on Christmas Day as he discusses the state of British politics, his personal life, and why everyone needs a 'hero'

Roisin O'Connor
Friday 21 December 2018 09:13
Danny Dyer alternative Christmas message

Danny Dyer will deliver this year’s Alternative Christmas Message on Channel 4.

The EastEnders star, who famously branded David Cameron a “twat” in a live TV rant about Brexit earlier this year, will blast the state of UK politics in the festive message and will offer some thoughts on the “heroes” we need in our lives, along with sharing an anecdote about the playwright Harold Pinter.

“That shambles down in Westminster, what a palaver,” he complains in the pre-recorded message. “Where are our leaders? There’s been more backstabbing than we have in Albert Square.”

Dyer takes some time to attack “absolute melt” Donald Trump, saying: “He don’t want to turn up to memorials because it’s raining. He don’t fancy a little trip to Britain because there’s people here that don’t like him. Leave off.”

He reflects on the First World War and on the Suffragettes who won women the right to vote.

“That’s what I think we need more of, heroes,” he says. “If we need anything for 2019, it’s for each of us to find who we look up to. Could be your mum, could be your dad, your stepdad, your nan, teacher, social worker, maybe even a handsome, roguish actor off your favourite soap.”

The 41-year-old, whose speech will compete with the Queen‘s just after 3pm, also opens up about the experience of growing up without a father figure.

“My dad… he weren’t around when I was a kid. And I love him and that – I don’t blame him. But I was angry, and I got into trouble,” he says.

“I had the Old Bill round my gaff every five minutes. I was a wrong ’un. No one knew how to help me. Then I found a father figure I didn’t even know I needed.

“I went for an audition for a play and I met this old geezer who wrote it. He was an East Ender, he was a West Ham fan just like me. He thought I was alright and he gave me the part. Turns out it was a fella called Harold Pinter.

“He became the most influential man in my life… He taught me that where I came from didn’t dictate where I went to.”

He goes on to add: “Life can get a little stressful and we might get on each other’s nerves a bit, but remember how much there is to be proud of, to be grateful of, and get yourself a Harold, you know, if you can … Merry Christmas, my loves.”

Danny Dyer’s Alternative Christmas Message airs on Christmas Day at 3.50pm on Channel 4

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