Dave Chappelle jokes about Michael Jackson’s accusers in controversial Netflix special: ‘I don’t believe these motherf***ers’

Comedian wondered ‘how good it must have felt to go to school the next day’ after being molested by the ‘King of Pop’  

Jacob Stolworthy
Tuesday 27 August 2019 18:36 BST
Dave Chappelle Standup Comedy trailer: Sticks & Stones

Dave Chappelle has sparked controversy after claiming he doesn’t believe the men who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse in documentary Leaving Neverland.

The comedian criticised Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson in a new Netflix special titled Sticks & Stones, telling the audience: “I don’t believe these motherf***ers.”

Around the eight-minute mark of the special, Chappelle suggests that getting abused by Jackson wouldn’t be as bad as getting abused by someone who isn’t as famous as the singer.

“I mean, it’s Michael Jackson. I know more than half the people in this room have been molested in their lives, but it wasn’t no goddamn Michael Jackson, was it? This kid got his d*** sucked by the King of Pop. All we get is awkward Thanksgivings for the rest of our lives. You know how good it must have felt to go to school the next day after that s****?”

He continued: “I know it seems harsh, but somebody’s gotta teach these kids. No such thing as a free trip to Hawaii. He’s going to want to look at your butthole or something.”

Chappelle also referenced Macauley Culkin's friendship with the singer, saying: “I’m not a paedophile, but if I was, Macaulay Culkin’s the first kid I’m f***ing. I’ll tell you that right now.”

Meanwhile, Chappelle said he’s “pretty sure” the allegations against disgraced rapper R Kelly are true, but threw his support onto fellow comedian Louis CK, who found himself under the spotlight after allegations of sexual misconduct were levelled against him in 2017.

“This is the worst time ever to be a celebrity,“ he said, adding: ”Louis CK was a very good friend of mine before he died in that terrible masturbation accident.“

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