Davina McCall: Viewers praise presenter’s ‘eye-opening’ and ‘empowering’ menopause documentary

‘Have come away simultaneously furious at the state of research into women’s health and so much better informed,’ one tweet read

Isobel Lewis
Thursday 13 May 2021 09:47
Davina McCall’s documentary aired on Wednesday night
Davina McCall’s documentary aired on Wednesday night

Viewers have praised Davina McCall for her “informative and caring” documentary about menopause.

Airing on Wednesday (12 May) on Channel 4, Sex, Myths and the Menopause saw the former Big Brother presenter discuss her own experience of going through the menopause, as well as the way society and doctors treat menopausal women.

Among the most shocking revelations was the fact that two thirds of women who approach their GPs about experiencing the common symptoms of anxiety and depression while menopausal were offered antidepressants rather than Hormone Replacement Therapy, despite the NHS stating that HRT should be offered first.

Viewers of the documentary said that the documentary left them shocked by the “lack of information” available to women, while praising the show for informing them.

“Any woman who has not yet been through the menopause (in my experience, a horror show) should watch Davina McCall’s show on Channel 4 at 9pm,” one tweet read. “We need to talk openly about this natural stage of life for all women.”

“Superb documentary by Davina McCall on the menopause - really recommend watching,” another commenter wrote. “Have come away from it simultaneously furious at the state of research into women’s health and so much better informed.”

One Twitter user posted: “Watching #davinamccall eye opening. We are still stuck in the dark ages! Lack of efficient information effectively communicated.”

“Such a good programme,” one commenter said of the documentary, while another tweeted: “Watching Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause, so empowering, us women shouldn’t feel as isolated or embarrassed as we do.”

Another tweet read: “Omg the #davinamenopause programme was an eye opener, and much overdue. We deserve better and I really hope things change. Well done to #davinamccall.”

The programme can be watched now on All 4.

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