Denise Welch and Piers Morgan continue row over Covid-19

TV presenters have opposing views on how the media covers the ongoing pandemic

Roisin O'Connor
Monday 07 September 2020 11:22
Denise Welch accuses press of 'fearmongering' in coronavirus coverage

TV hosts Piers Morgan and Denise Welch are continuing their row over Covid-19 on social media amid the latest reports on new cases and deaths around the world.

The pair clashed last week after Denise Welch gave a controversial interview on ITV’s This Morning, in which she accused the press of “fearmongering” in coverage of Covid-19. 

“If you’re going to frighten us with how many are dying every day,” argued the former Coronation Street star, “please enlighten us and tell us how things have improved, tell us when no one is dying. I will do anything to help balance the fearmongering.”

She also condemned the government for continuing to “prioritise” coronavirus and claimed people with other illnesses are not going to hospital to receive treatment because of this.

Morgan, who presents Good Morning Britain on the same channel, tweeted his dismay at Welch’s view: “Dumb, deluded & dangerous Covid-deniers like Denise Welch need to stop being given airtime,” he wrote.

Denise Welch has criticised the media for its reporting on coronavirus

Welch has continued to air her views on social media to her near-half a million followers on Twitter.

“Can I point out please. I have absolutely no idea what will happen re Covid. How would I? I would love to think it’s done it’s worst,” she tweeted. “But all I’m doing is balancing the fear reporting causing massive anxiety & depression.” 

She added: “If the current rise in cases do indeed lead to a rise in hospitalisation and deaths then at least we know that we are not in April. We have zero deaths, empty Covid wards and effective treatments for some. That’s all. Don’t be sucked in by the fear. It’s cruel.”

Morgan responded by tweeting: “Memo to all Covidiot deniers & sceptics, and those who only want to hear ‘positive news’ about the pandemic even when the news is concerning: stop following me & follow Professor Denise Welch instead. Your mind-numbingly complacent ignorance is damaging my mental health."

Comedian Dom Joly commented: “It's really difficult to know who to believe about Covid-19. Do I listen to highly qualified epidemiologists, or do I go with Richard Madeley and Denise Welch?”

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