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Donald Trump press conference: How the late night talk show hosts responded, from Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Fallon

They did a good job considering they were at a loss for words

Jacob Stolworthy
Friday 17 February 2017 11:31 GMT
Late night talk shows in US react to Trump's extraordinary press conference

Yesterday (16 February), President Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference during which he took aim at the world's media and dispelled claims the White House is in chaos.

While - unsurprisingly - shocking the world with his various comments, Trump's words yet again provided talk show hosts with plenty of material to use in their respective talk shows.

Stephen Colbert - the presenter who has benefited the most from Trump's presidency ratings wise - filmed his opening monologue shortly after Trump's 77-minute long conference drew to a close.

“I’m glad you could be here on this historic evening,” he told his studio audience. “Evidently [Trump] did not even bring his meds with him. It was a robust one hour and 17 minutes long ­– so beefy you could eat it with a fork, but you’re going to want to use a spoon do you can get every drop of the crazy.”

Colbert went on to pick apart Trump's word, saying that: “They said this [conference] was totally his idea. And I totally believe that no one else thought it was a good idea for him to do.

“To his point, Trump assured the reporters in the East Room, and viewers at home, 'I inherited a mess. It’s a mess.' “No, you inherited a fortune,” Colbert quipped. “We elected a mess.”

Both Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel also eyed an opportunity to mock the President with the former deciding to go full-on Alec Baldwin in impersonating the President.

Kimmel, however, used plain old words to send up Trump, stating: “The tone of the press conference was like if your dad found a pack of cigarettes under your mattress. It was mad. He talked for an hour and 17 minutes, which is more than he had spoken to Melania all this year.”

Samantha Bee reacted to a particularly terrible moment in the conference which saw him ask black journalist April Ryan if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and if she'd be happy to set up a meeting for him with the organisation.

Donald Trump asks black reporter if the Congressional Black Caucus are 'friends of yours'

Bee posted the following to Twitter:

Elsewhere, Seth Meyers launched a witty tirade against the Republican's “bat-shit crazy” conference, also honing in on the above moment.

“It’s racist to assume all black people know each other," he said. "You don’t know all orange people. ‘Hey Donald, can you set up a meeting with Snooki and the Lorax?'”

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