Highest-paid TV stars: Salaries of the biggest presenters in the world revealed

The annual Forbes list has compiled the biggest earning hosts

Jacob Stolworthy
Wednesday 08 November 2017 14:48

Forbes has revealed the identity of the highest-paid TV presenters in the world.

Reigning supreme is Phil McGraw, the 67-year-old host of US talk show Dr Phil, who earned a reported $79 million (£60.1m) between 1 June 2016 and 1 June 2017. It's said that the majority of McGraw's profits come after combining his cut of the show's advertising revenue and product placement deals.

The show - which sees McGraw offer advice from his experience as a clinical and forensic psychologist - is one of the widest syndicated TV shows in America.

Other presenters to feature in the top 10 include Ellen DeGeneres ($77m/£58.6m), Ryan Seacrest ($58m/£44.1m) and Judge Judy star Judy Sheindlin ($47m/£35.7m).

The highest British presenter on the list is Simon Cowell who reportedly earns $43.5m (£33.1m).

Fox News' Sean Hannity is the world's eighth highest-paid television presenter with reported earnings of $36m (£27.4m).

You can find the full list of Forbes' top 10 below.

1. Dr Phil McGraw: $79 million (£60.1 million)

2. Ellen DeGeneres: $77 million (£58.6 million)

3. Ryan Seacrest: $58 million (£44.1 million)

4. Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy): $47 million (£35.7 million)

5. Simon Cowell: $43.5 million (£33.1 million)

6. Steve Harvey: $42.5 million (£32.3 million)

7. Bill O’Reilly: $37 million (£28.2 million)

8. Sean Hannity: $36 million (£27.4 million)

9. Michael Strahan: $21.5 million (£16.4 million)

10. Heidi Klum: $21 million (£16 million)

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