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Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa had a Game of Thrones reunion

Daenerys and Khal Drogo take the Iron Throne - in the show's alternate timeline, at least

Clarisse Loughrey
Tuesday 05 June 2018 09:12
Game of Thrones Season 7- Official Trailer (HBO)

Game of Thrones may be about to wrap up with its eighth and final season, but there's one character fans still miss to this day.

Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo, of course, who was killed off all the way back in season one, but has remained a favourite thanks to the actor's immense charm off and on the screen.

Well, fans got to glimpse an alternative future in which both Khal and Daenerys made it straight to the Iron Throne together.

That's thanks to the reunion Momoa and Emilia Clarke had at the Game of Thrones cast party in Ireland this weekend, where the pair both posted shots of themselves alongside some adorable captions.

"Moon of my life @emilia_clarke every time I leave you my face hurts from smiling to much. I f*cking love you forever. Aloha j," Momoa wrote.

Meanwhile, Clarke commented: "FYI... this is the closest you’ll ever get to me attempting ‘that lift’ from dirty dancing. Yes, my man is sitting. Yes, there’s no lake. And yes, I have no idea I’m NOT being raised above his head (I'd like to take a moment to thank alcohol for giving me courage to attempt this. Ever.)"

Momoa posted some additional shots from the party, with a note which seemed to shoot down any potential rumours he may return to the show. "I’m so grateful to be apart of the greatest show on earth. I’m honored to be able to come to Ireland and celebrate with my friends. I’m just here for kisses and hugs and The black stuff," he wrote.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO and Sky Atlantic for an eighth and final season in 2019.

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