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First Dates Hotel viewers moved to tears as contestant describes mother’s tragic murder

‘A piece of my soul feels like it’s missing,’ said the contestant

Louis Chilton
Thursday 29 April 2021 11:09

First Dates Hotel viewers were moved to tears as a contestant revealed his heart-breaking backstory in the latest episode.

The popular Channel 4 reality series, which sets up singletons on blind dates while the camera is rolling, featured a contestant called Bengy during last night’s (28 April) episode.

Bengy, from Essex, opened up to his date Lara and viewers about his past trauma, saying: “When I was fifteen, my mum got murdered. The geezer that done it, I knew him. He used to pick me up from school and stuff.”

He added: “Getting that phone call I’d say was the worst day of my life, really. I remember walking for miles and it’s like a black-and-white movie playing in your head of all the good times. It was surreal. It makes you question the world.

“You can’t describe it. One day your mum is there, the next day she’s gone. A piece of my soul feels like it’s missing.”

Lara responded to his opening up, saying: “When you’ve had something hurt you, you’ll use it to protect someone else.”

Viewers shared their reactions to the scene on social media.

“That poor guy on #firstdateshotel,” wrote one viewer, alongside a “loudly crying” emoji.

“This lovely boy on first dates hotel! Went through a terrible trauma and wants to give something back! I hope all of his dreams come true,” wrote someone else.

“Almost in tears listening to the poor young man whose mum was murdered on #firstdateshotel,” wrote a third person. “They make a lovely couple.”

“Tears. Big fat tears,” wrote another.

Previous episodes of First Dates Hotel can be streamed now on All 4.

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