YouTube star Gabi DeMartino apologises for selling nude childhood video to fans

‘Won’t put my panties on,’ YouTube star captioned the video

Adam White@__adamwhite
Friday 04 December 2020 12:13
YouTuber Gabi DeMartino apologises for selling nude childhood video to fans

YouTube star Gabi DeMartino has apologised for selling to her fans a nude video of herself at the age of three.

On the site OnlyFans, in which people can buy access to content from celebrities and influencers, DeMartino allowed her followers to “unlock” a childhood video of herself for $3 (£2.20). In the video, which was captioned “Won’t put my panties on”, a three-year-old DeMartino was reportedly nude.

Yesterday (3 December), DeMartino posted an apology video to her YouTube channel. In it, she claimed that she had become “disattached from reality” and that she did not comprehend the seriousness of the video she put up for sale.

“As I was coming up with new ideas and new content, I was watching a home video with my family of myself as a three-year-old where my mom announced that she was pregnant with my younger brother,” DeMartino said. “In that home video, I ruin a beautiful moment by telling everyone that I heard my [grandmother] tell me to put my panties on.”

DeMartino said that the video had brought “laughter and joy” to her family for years, but that she now realised that publishing it online was “not funny”.

“I’ve realised that I’m so disattached with reality that it didn’t even cross my mind that this could be viewed like this,” she continues. “It’s a serious issue ... I would never condone anything like this.”

Through tears, DeMartino added: “I would never do anything to hurt or exploit a child. I’m so sorry… This is a huge wakeup call. I’m gonna step back into reality now and I’m gonna reflect.”

YouTube star Gabi DeMartino

OnlyFans disabled DeMartino’s account in the wake of the video, with the company claiming in a statement to Page Six that DeMartino violated the site’s terms of service.

DeMartino has been a popular YouTuber since 2015, with more than 3.24m subscribers. Her videos feature make-up tutorials and lifestyle content.