Game of Thrones: Watch Anthrax's Scott Ian become a White Walker

The makeup department did an impressive job, as always

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 15 June 2016 10:48 BST

One of the most impressive aspects of Game of Thrones is the fantasy creatures: from Dragons to the Children of the Forest, the CGI/makeup has consistently been stunning.

Of course, the White Walkers have very often stolen the show, particularly when they appear in large groups, like at “Hardhome”.

Because they often look incredible on screen, it is easy to forget how many hours are put into creating both the costumes and doing the make-up.

In a video, Anthrax’s legendary guitarist Scott Ian went behind the scenes with makeup artist Barrie Gower, who explained the painstaking detail that goes into each White. To conclude the interview, Ian was mocked up as a White Walker, revealing just how they create that undead look.

Speaking about the episode “Hardhome”, Gower said the entire event looked like a mess with so many people running around: “Just standing on the sidelines, just watching, you’re just thinking…’How the hell could they be getting anything from this?’ But you sort of step to one side and look at what’s on the monitor and it’s just beautiful.”

Meanwhile, episode eight of season six recently aired, the director of which has defended Arya’s storyline, which was criticised for being particularly bad.

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