Game of Thrones: Hodor actor recreates 'Hold the Door' scene to promote KFC

Chicken and fries... Chicken and fries... 

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 04 July 2017 08:40 BST
Hodor actor recreates 'Hold the Door' scene to promote KFC...

Hodor has returned, but definitely not as you expected. Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn has brought the character back… to promote KFC.

An advert titled “Lunchtime Is Coming…” has debuted online, promoting the fast food company’s latest offering, the 'Ricebox', launching in the UK.

Nairn stands behind the counter, waiting for dozens of customers to enter. Immediately, they all begin asking for “chicken and fries,” the actor repeating the order until — like with that infamous “hold the door” scene — the words merge into “chicken and rice.”

A couple of things to note; no-one walks into KFC and orders “chicken and fries,” that’s not a real thing; we’re glad to see Nairn making the most of his post-Game of Thrones career, seize the moment; and, too soon?

This isn’t the first time Nairn has used his Game of Thrones fame to make some extra money. The actor titled his DJ tour Rave of Thrones, often playing an 8-bit remix of the chow’s theme music during the show.

Speaking to The Independent last year, Nairn discussed his character’s emotional finale as well as where he believes the show could be going.

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