Game of Thrones season 6 director says we should be 'horrified' by Daenerys, alludes to Hitler

'She’s not Hitler at Nuremberg... but she’s got the power'

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 31 May 2016 10:48 BST

What with all the ethereal hair, fire magic and dragons, it’s easy to just accept Daenerys as one of Game of Thrones’ heroes - possibly its biggest one.

But let us not forget that, while she might see herself as a “great liberator” rather than a “great conqueror” (PR master Tyrion’s preferred term), she pretty much just goes around sacking, taking and repurposing whatever and whomever she wants.

She’s almost an anti-hero, and it seems that is exactly the paradox the creators are going for.

“At the end of the scene you should be somewhat roused by her…and a little horrified,” said episode 6 director Jack Bender of her latest dragon-back speech.

“She’s not Hitler at Nuremberg... but she’s got the power.”

Daenerys has one of the best claims to the Iron Throne in the Seven Kingdoms, but many have predicted that her ruthlessness and complacency will be her downfall.

A more fitting ruler might be Jon Snow - especially if the theories surrounding his true parentage turn out to be true - though somehow I can’t imagine Game of Thrones ending on such a happy note.

Jon will attempt to assemble an army with which to take back Winterfell this week, as seen in the episode 7 trailer.

Game of Thrones: Who's planning what?

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