Game of Thrones season 6: Euron Greyjoy actor teases Dragonbinder, could spell trouble for Daenerys

According to the books, the 6-foot-long horn can control dragons

Jack Shepherd
Friday 27 May 2016 12:47 BST

For the last five weeks, Game of Thrones has clogged up social media feeds around the world, fans sharing the latest fan theories and tidbits of information relayed by actors.

Newcomer Pilou Asbæk, who plays Euron Greyjoy in the show, has thoroughly embraced this aspect of the show, using his Twitter profile to address fans on issues such as his character not having an eyepatch and making comparisons between Euron and Donald Trump.

“The reason why I did it, Game of Thrones is so alive on social media,” he told Vulture. “It's a big part of this show's popularity. And it's a good way to communicate with people, to know what's going on.

“A couple of my friends were like, ‘They're equating you with Donald Trump,’ and I wanted to write some funny reference, just to put it out there to say, ‘Guys! First of all, this is a fictional character. I am here as an actor to interpret. Yeah, he doesn't have an eye patch. Yeah, he doesn't have the Dragonbinder ... or does he?’”

Wait a minute, Dragonbinder? That seems like an odd ‘totally random’ reference to put into a conversation about Twitter. Fans have - as you probably expected - jumped on the idea of Euron having the Dragonbinder, and thus the ability to control dragons.

“Hold up! So, the Dragonbinder is what exactly?” Good question non-book readers. In A Feast for Crows a Kingsmoot takes place on the Iron Isles. As with the show, Euron crashed the party, but in the book, a six-foot-long horn is blown, silencing all at the meeting.

The horn is the Dragonbinder, and its sound is like the screaming of a thousand souls while those who hear its sound are left with searing pain in their bones. Cragorn, a member of Euron’s crew and the man who blew the horn, ends up dying as a result; when the maesters cut him open, they find soot in his lungs.

Euron believes the horn can control Daenerys’s dragons; in the novels, he sets a legion to Slaver’s Bay to try and capture the winged beasts.

So, what does this mean for the show? We have yet to see the Dragonbinder yet, but with Euron’s great want to travel to Essos, it would be no surprise to find out he has the horn.

Meanwhile, in other Game of Thrones ‘news’, some fans believe Sansa Stark is pregnant while others think that Benjen Stark may be about to reappear.

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