Gina Carano says she could ‘turn things around in the media’ with Disney bullying allegations

Actor said that friend won’t speak out because ‘everybody’s afraid of losing their job’

Isobel Lewis
Monday 22 February 2021 13:59
Gina Carano discusses bullying at Disney
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Gina Carano says that she has a story about Disney that could “turn things around in the media”.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the actor, who appeared in Disney Plus seriesThe Mandalorian as Cara Dune, would no longer be a part of any forthcoming Disney productions after sharing a post that seemingly compared being a Republican today to being Jewish during the Holocaust.

In response to the post, Disney’s Lucasfilm called her remarks “abhorrent and unacceptable”.

Carano has now taken part in her first sit-down interview since the announcement with right-wing news website The Daily Wire, which was broadcast on Sunday (21 February).

In the interview, Carano said that she felt like she was being “head-hunted” by Disney and had “been through so much” at their hands.

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“I’m not the only one that’s ever been bullied by this company. I know that so deeply,” Carano told host Ben Shapiro, recalling an undisclosed incident in which she claimed to have seen other people also be treated poorly by the company. She did not reveal any evidence for her claim.

”I could share a story and it would turn things around in the media but I can’t do that because it would be selling out a friend that I don’t really have the same views as. I’m not going to sell out somebody to take the attention off me.”

She continued: “If that person said something about how hard I went to bat for that person, it would change things, but everybody’s afraid of losing their job.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Carano said that she came to an “agreement” with her former Mandalorian co-star Pedro Pascal over their opposing political beliefs.

The Independent has contacted Disney for comment.