Gordon Ramsay pays couple’s wedding costs after ‘gatecrashing’ with production team

Newlyweds say day was turned into a ‘complete kitchen nightmare’

Ellie Harrison
Monday 05 July 2021 11:14
Gordon Ramsay's top Kitchens Nightmares meltdown

Gordon Ramsay paid a couple’s wedding costs to make up for filming on the Cornwall beach where they were having their ceremony.

Charlie Willis, 35, and his wife Laura, 29, got married on Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay last month, but were left disappointed when their union was “gatecrashed” by Ramsay and his Future Food Stars film crew.

The couple had paid £1,300 for the wedding but had not secured exclusive use of the location.

Charlie Willis told The Sun that he and his wife “felt like extras” during their wedding.

“The whole thing was a complete kitchen nightmare,” he said. “We had both worked so hard to save for that day and we felt like extras on a gameshow.”

The TV chef’s producer at Studio Ramsay, Sharon Powers, sent the couple a letter apologising for the upset caused.

She added: “I am mortified that we affected your special day and I can assure you that it was never our intention to upset you or your guests.

“As you are aware, we have now paid for your wedding in full, which I hope goes some way towards making amends and acknowledging how sorry I am that your special day was affected, albeit unintentionally, by us.”

The Independent has contacted Ramsay’s representatives for comment.

Future Food Stars (shortened to FFS, a nod to Ramsay’s penchant for swearing) is expected to have a similar format to The Apprentice, with 12 entrepreneurs competing to receive a life-changing restaurant investment.

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