Heineken has made essentially the anti-Pepsi advert

It doesn't suggest a cold drink can diffuse a protest but that it might just help people discuss their beliefs

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 27 April 2017 08:18 BST
Heineken has made essentially the anti-Pepsi advert

Brands taking on social and political matters doesn't have to be cringe-worthy, as evidenced by this new Heineken advert which achieves what Pepsi was presumably aiming for with its embarrassing Kendall Jenner protest ad.

Titled 'Worlds Apart', it sees people paired at random and forced to collaborate on simple problem solving and Q&A tasks in a warehouse.

They get on just fine across the board, before being played videos of their differing views they had no knowledge of, one pair being pro and anti-transgenderism, another pro and anti-feminism and a third polarised over the existence of climate change.

They then must decide whether to part ways or chew through their differences over a beer.

Sure, there are moments where it's still a little cheesy or contrived along the way, but on the whole it's a far more successful argument for the unifying properties of a nice cool drink.

"Great to see when brands tackle issues in exactly the right way," the top YouTube comment on the ad currently reads.

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