‘I’ll never live this down’: Presenting the most awkward Twitter exchange ever

Christopher Hooton
Friday 02 September 2016 10:23

Most f*ck-ups on Twitter lead to a thousand angry responses, but this one was so egregious people could only laugh and applaud.

“Can you please direct an ep of Wynonna Earp?” Emily Andras tweeted to director Lexi Alexander this morning.

Quoting the tweet, Alexander used the request as an opportunity to give Twitter a lesson on the TV production process, writing: “This is not how TV works. It's not a buffet I can choose from. Showrunners choose who they want directing.”

Then, in a tweet that should be accompanied with the sound of an atom bomb exploding, Andras replied: “I’m the show runner.”

To her credit, Alexander didn’t delete the exchange but held her hands up, later writing: “*Deletes Twitter account*”, “I’ll never live this down” and admitting to having “Lexi-splained”.

The showrunner wasn’t angered by the tweet, and it’s very possible the pair might still work together.

The embarrassing moment also changed how Alexander thinks about using Twitter for work.

“…I actually love that,” she added. “More showrunners should reach out in unorthodox ways.”

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