The Last Leg viewers praise Jackie Weaver’s ‘hilarious’ appearance on show after chaotic Handforth Parish Council meeting goes viral

Some viewers suggested that Weaver should consider a career in television

Annabel Nugent
Saturday 06 February 2021 10:21
Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting descends into chaos

The Last Leg viewers have praised Jackie Weaver’s appearance on the talk-show as “hilarious”. 

Weaver made headlines yesterday (5 February) after a recording of a chaotic Zoom meeting between the Handforth Parish Council was widely circulated on social media. 

Last night, Weaver – who had acted as the clerk of the now-viral meeting – appeared on The Last Leg where she spoke with hosts and comedians Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe. 

Weaver admitted that she “didn't really know” what it meant to be “trending” on Twitter.

Brooker went on to commend Weaver for her mediation skills on the Zoom call, joking: “Where were you in the Brexit negotiations?” 

Parish clerk Jackie Weaver during a meeting of Handforth Parish Council which has become an unlikely internet sensation

The video of the council meeting featured a number of absurd scenes, including a moment when Brian Tolver, the meeting's chair, told Weaver: “You have no authority here.” In response, Weaver removed Tolver from the Zoom call and placed him in the virtual waiting room. 

When asked whether she had adopted her “zero tolerance” approach as a result of “family zoom quizzes”, Weaver quipped: “It’s actually a bit like a cross between trying to help families resolve their issues and hostage negotiations.” 

Viewers praised Weaver on Twitter for her amusing appearance on the late-night talk show.

One user wrote: “Jackie Weaver you legend!!”, while another commented: “Jackie Weaver is actually very funny!!! Good on her!!”

“Jackie Weaver has been in the limelight for less than 24 hours, and she just went on live TV and held her own with 5 experienced professional comedians. That really takes some doing!” commented a third person. 

Someone else suggested that Weaver should consider a career in television, adding: “She would be fantastic at it.” 

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Earlier today (6 February), Weaver appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. She told listeners: “99.99 per cent of council meetings are just not like that, they are often less exciting than we might hope they are.”

She added: “I have had nothing but really lovely positive support from people – who of course condemn the behaviour, no one could not condemn the behaviour.”

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