Saturday Night Live: James Corden plays Boris Johnson in ‘good-looking bad boys of NATO’ sketch

‘Why don’t you Brexit out of here, dweeb?’ Johnson says in sketch

Adam White
Sunday 08 December 2019 10:14 GMT
James Corden plays Boris Johnson on Saturday Night Live

James Corden has made his Saturday Night Live debut, portraying Boris Johnson in a sketch in which he, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron bully Donald Trump.

Paul Rudd played Macron and Jimmy Fallon played Trudeau in the sketch, which sees the trio described as “bad boys” of NATO, in a spoof of the world leaders overheard on a hot mic making fun of Trump this week.

The sketch began with a narrator explaining that the incident was nothing compared to what occurred in “the NATO cafeteria” earlier in the day, with Macron, Trudeau and Johnson sat at “the cool kids’ table” and not allowing Trump (Alec Baldwin) to sit with them.

After first kicking the Romanian prime minister off the table, Johnson jokes: “Why don’t you Brexit out of here, dweeb?”

“OMG, was that supposed to be a joke, Boris?” Trudeau asks. “You’re being so cringe right now.”

“I know, it was dumb of me, I’m sorry, you guys,” Johnson replies, shortly before spitting in his own hands and ruffling his own hair.

After Trudeau and Macron poke fun at Trump for the length of his press conference, Johnson says: “He’s not good-looking like us three!”

Later on in the sketch, Trudeau and Macron attempt to manipulate Johnson into holding a house party at Buckingham Palace, and Johnson attaches a sign reading “IMPEACH ME” onto Trump’s back.

The sketch marked Corden’s debut on the historic US sketch show, which was hosted this week by Jennifer Lopez.

He next returns to UK screens with the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special.

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