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Jennifer Aniston takes to SNL to declare it's time 'to move on' from Friends

The star rocked up to Weekend Update to beg her Office Christmas Party co-star Vanessa Byer to cool it with the Rachel Green impressions 

Clarisse Loughrey
Monday 05 December 2016 11:45 GMT
Jennifer Aniston goes on SNL to tell people to move on from Friends

Spare a thought for Jennifer Aniston - the mega A-lister may have forged an exhaustive CV of comedy hits, yet she can barely escape a casual conversation without mention of a Friends reunion.

She'd only just previously dodged those persistent rumours with a pretty clever answer: revealing how a reboot is pretty much impossible in today's Facebook/ Instagram age.

Really, the show is best left as an artefact of '90s nostalgia, a point Aniston took to Saturday Night Live to once more underline; dropping in on Weekend Update to interrupt another of Vanessa Byer's regular Rachel Green impersonations.

Though the pair co-star in the upcoming Office Christmas Party, it looks as if Friends mega-fan Byer may have developed a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with Aniston; leading the latter to politely beg her to stop texting every single day.

"Friends was, like, five million and five years ago," Aniston gently insists. "So, I think we've just got to move on."

You hear that? Rachel Green herself is politely asking the world to take down their Ross and Rachel shrines, throw away those pillows with Joey's face on them, and perhaps stop obsessively demanding the show returns to television screens. It's getting a little exhausting.

Although, she didn't really help matters by then joining straight in with Byers' high-pitched, ever-questioning Rachel impression; even though she kept insisting, "I do not sound like that". Surely, that's bound to have only fuelled a few people's obsessions.

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