Julia Louis-Dreyfus swears in front of Elmo in ‘sweet’ resurfaced Sesame Street blunder

‘Seinfeld’ star appeared on a 1994 episode

Annabel Nugent
Monday 04 July 2022 11:39 BST
Fictional Veep Julia Louis-Dreyfus addresses DNC

A clip of Julia Louis-Dreyfus swearing on Sesame Street in front of Elmo has gone viral.

The Seinfeld star – who played Elaine in the hit sitcom – appeared as a guest on the kid’s show in 1994.

In an outtake from the episode, which was first shared on the Reddit forum Old School Cool, Louis-Dreyfus is seen speaking with characters Elmo and Zoe before the scene begins.

When the take starts, however, Louis-Dreyfus says the wrong name when reciting her line. After realising her mistake, the actor says: “S***.”

Louis-Dreyfus then apologises to the puppets, and Elmo exclaims that she “said a bad word”.

Elmo suggests that the actor pay a “five dollar” fine for saying the curse word, while Zoe demands a nickel.

“You’re going to be a rich muppet at the end of this day,” Louis-Dreyfus tells Elmo.

The Veep star is one of many high-profile actors to have appeared on the long-running series. Others include Robin Williams, Jason Bateman, Beyonce, and Halle Berry.

After being shared to Reddit by user u/MulciberTenebras, the clip has since also gone viral on Twitter.

Viewers praised Elmo and Zoe’s reactions to the “hilarious” moment.

“It’s f***ing hilarious how puppeteers stay in character in beteween takes. It’s a real credit to their craft,” said one person.

Another added: “I love how she’s actually talking to the puppets. It’s so sweet.”

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