Justin Timberlake surprises Super Bowl selfie kid on Ellen

This is one lucky kid

Ilana Kaplan
New York
Friday 09 February 2018 16:54
Justin Timberlake surprises the Super Bowl selfie kid on The Ellen Show

Justin Timberlake gave the teen he took a selfie with at the Super Bowl another surprise while he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

13-year old Ryan McKenna became a viral sensation after he inadvertently became a part of Timberlake's 2018 Super Bowl Halftime performance.

DeGeneres had something up her sleeve when he appeared on her show on Friday.

"There's someone on the phone who wants to say hi to you right now..." the talk show host teased.

McKenna began to tear up saying, "No! Oh my God!"

Timberlake and McKenna exchanged pleasantries - talking properly for the first time.

But the phone call wasn't the only surprise: the Man of the Woods singer had something else in store.

"I'll tell you what I want to do: Because it was so unexpected that you came down, and because all of this has happened, I thought to myself, 'I really want to meet you properly,'" said Timberlake. "I'm going to be coming to TD Garden on tour to play in Boston. I'd like to invite you and your family to come."

The teen burst into tears while thanking the pop star.

"Ryan, I look forward to meeting you and taking our second selfie together," Timberlake said.

McKenna, a huge New England Patriots fan, told DeGeneres he was purely excited to be at the Super Bowl in general.

"My dad told me two weeks before and I just started crying," he said. "I couldn't believe it. Just to go to the Super Bowl is a dream come true."

But McKenna got an extra surprise during Timberlake's performance when the singer appeared in the stands.

"The lady told us we were in a good section, but we had no idea Justin was going to be there," McKenna said.

The teen was a few rows behind Timberlake when he appeared in the section, but that didn't stop McKenna from trying to stand with him.

"I pushed through - I was elbowing people," the teen said. "But I got there and I was there with him."

When McKenna attempted to take a selfie with the pop star, it didn't exactly go right, but the moment did go viral.

"I have the iPhone 6, so that thing's slow," he explains. "It just shut off."

Luckily McKenna gets a second chance at a selfie soon.

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