Kate Winslet says she ‘cried with laughter’ at SNL’s Mare of Easttown parody Murdur Durdur

She also thinks the ‘Gogglebox’ reaction to the show is ‘screamingly funny’

Ellie Harrison
Thursday 22 July 2021 07:50
Mare of Easttown trailer starring Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has revealed she found Murdur Durdur, the Saturday Night Live sketch that that parodied her show Mare of Easttown, absolutely hilarious.

The skit, which mocks the hit crime show’s characters and their Pennsylvania accents, went viral in May.

Winslet has now told Entertainment Weekly: “I have never felt so validated as an actor in my entire life as I now do because of Murdur Durdur.”

She said she has re-watched the sketch with her family numerous times, adding: “Every now and then in our household we’ll be like, ‘Oh, should we just quickly watch it?’ And we’ll crowd around the iPhone crying with laughter.”

Winslet also said she loved the Gogglebox reaction to the show. “This is almost as hilarious as Murder Durdur... and there’s about a seven-minute segment that covers episode five that is so screamingly funny,” she said.

“So that’s another one we watch, we watch Murder Durdur as a family, and then we’re like, ‘Oh quick, let’s just watch Gogglebox as well.’”

Winslet was nominated for an Emmy for her performance of the lead detective. The series picked up a total of 16 nominations, including outstanding limited or anthology series, as well as nods for performances by her co-stars Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart and Evan Peters.

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