Laurence Fox reveals he has Covid days after claiming ‘no vaccine needed, I have an immune system’

‘Turns out I have been visited by Lord Covid at last,’ he wrote

Jacob Stolworthy
Tuesday 01 February 2022 19:36 GMT
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Laurence Fox has revealed he has Covid-19 days after speaking out against the vaccine.

On Wednesday (26 January), Fox posted a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt that read: “No vaccine needed. I have an immune system.”

However, on Sunday (31 January), he shared a photo of a positive lateral flow test, telling his followers: “In other news, felt shivery and crap yesterday. Turns out I have been visited by Lord Covid at last and have the Omnicold (if the LFT is to be believed!)”

He then raised eyebrows by revealing that his medication of choice included Ivermectin, a drug that global authorities have warned should not be taken to combat Covid.

Shortly after, he shared a photo of himself putting a middle finger up to the camera with a box of Ivermectin resting on his face. He suggested he bought the packet over the counter in Mexico.

Doctors and virologists previously warned against the use of certain drugs, including ivermectin, after controversial podcaster Joe Rogan revealed he had self-administered them following his Covid diagnosis.

His diagnosis also came after saying people didn’t need to get the vaccine, which prompted criticism.

Typically, Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug used to treat worms in animals. It is sometimes given to humans in small doses for scabies and other parasites, such as river blindness.

It has not be proven to be effective in the treatment of Covid, with FDA clearly stating that “while there are approved uses for ivermectin in people and animals, it is not approved for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19”.

Laurence Fox reveals he has Covid days after claiming ‘No vaccine needed,

Fox wrote on Twitter: “Not only do you only have to sign a form saying you feel well to get into Mexico, but you can also buy drugs like Ivermectin over the counter that the vaccinaholics don’t want you to get hold of here. I’m so happy to be joining the natural immunity club. Going to have a nap.”

In the wake of his posts, Fox’s previous comments about the vaccination were highlighted by many, with one user replying: “Guy who is against vaccines and science is relying on science to try and get better because it so happens that his immune system is not working according to his misinformation and does, in fact, need help…”

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