Lewis Capaldi shocks Naga Munchetty with explicit mix-up on BBC Breakfast

‘We’re going to have a little word with Lewis,’ presenter told viewers following the mistake

Isobel Lewis
Sunday 25 September 2022 09:09 BST
Lewis Capaldi embarrasses Naga Munchetty with explicit word mix-up

Lewis Capaldi left Naga Munchetty red in the face following an awkward mix-up on BBC Breakfast.

The “Someone You Loved” singer appeared on the morning programme on Saturday (24 September), during which he complimented co-host Charlie Stayt on his “great hair”.

“Can I just say, you’ve got great hair. We were talking about it outside,” Capaldi said, with Munchetty mouthing: “It’s a wig.”

“It’s a wig, is it? I didn’t say that. Looks great,” Capaldi said.

“Well you’ve got great hair too,” Stayt replied, with Capaldi offering him a high five.

“Would you like a room?” Munchetty said, with a surprised looking Capaldi asking: “Would I what?”

After she repeated herself, Capaldi said: “I thought you said ‘a rim’.”

Munchetty gasped and covered her face in embarrassment, saying: “The time now, we’re coming on to nine o’clock... We’re going to have a little word with Lewis.”

Munchetty covered her face following Capaldi’s mistake
Munchetty covered her face following Capaldi’s mistake (BBC)

Stayt and members of the production team could be heard laughing off camera

Earlier this month, Capaldi told fans that he had been diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, a condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements known as tics.

The 25-year-old explained that he had chosen to share his diagnosis so that his shoulder twitches weren’t misinterpreted as a sign of drug use.

In an interview, he described a heartbreaking incident before his diagnosis where his dad thought the singer was having a seizure due to his twitches.

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