Line of Duty fans can’t believe James Nesbitt’s cameo was literally just a picture

One viewer joked that Nesbitt’s performance was ‘utterly breathtaking, hauntingly brilliant’

Ellie Harrison
Monday 03 May 2021 09:49
Moment Line of Duty's 'H' revealed in season 6 finale

Line of Dutyviewers are marvelling at James Nesbitt’s series six cameo – which saw him appear in a photograph and not perform a single line of dialogue.

***Spoilers ahead***

The series six finale aired on Sunday night (2 May), with Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle) finally revealed as “the fourth man”.

Many viewers had been expecting to see more of Nesbitt’s mysterious character Marcus Thurwell, but it was confirmed in the final episode that the bodies found in the Spanish house in a previous instalment were indeed those of Thurwell and his wife. He was a red (now dead) herring. Unless the Spanish authorities were feeding AC-12 false information, Nesbitt’s not coming back.

Fans of the show couldn’t believe how small the cameo was, with journalist Elizabeth Day tweeting: “Whatever happens, please can we take a moment to acknowledge the genius of casting James Nesbitt, who joked he was offended never to have been asked, only to kill him off after one shoddy holiday snap and before a single line of dialogue was spoken?”

Many Line of Duty fans were underwhelmed by the season finale, a recap of which you can read here.

Line of Duty season six is available to view in its entirety on BBC iPlayer now.

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