Louis Theroux praises fan for spotting secret Easter egg in every one of his documentaries: ‘Been waiting nearly 20 years for this’

Documentarian’s Twitter followers were quick to poke holes in Theroux’s claim, however

Adam White
Friday 21 August 2020 10:50
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Louis Theroux has praised a fan for spotting a secret Easter egg that has appeared in “every episode” of his investigative documentary series.

An eagle-eyed viewer tweeted that she had been watching a number of Theroux episodes on Netflix, and noticed that the presenter always wears what appears to be the exact same brown shirt.

“Have watched 4 or 5 early 2000s @louistheroux episodes on Netflix this week and have noticed he wears this shirt in every episode!” wrote Vicki Lynch.

Theroux, who has developed a significant online following due to his warm and deadpan tweets, subsequently replied to Lynch.

“Been waiting nearly 20 years for someone to pick up on this,” Theroux wrote.

Other followers then alerted Theroux to having already picked up on his trademark shirt years prior.

“It’s not a Louis Theroux documentary if he’s not wearing his brown shirt,” tweeted one fan in 2016.

Another suggested that Theroux should call the shirt his “Theroux-niform”.

Others were quick to point out that Theroux has worn a variety of shirts over the course of his series, including a blue checked shirt in several episodes, as well as a navy blue shirt for an episode in which he investigated the swinging community. However, the brown appears to be his favourite.

In July, it was revealed that Theroux will participate in a four-part BBC series that looks back on his life and career.

Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge will feature new interviews with Theroux and some of his most memorable contributors.

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