Love Is Blind’s Kelly Chase cries as she apologises for ‘ignorant’ George Floyd comments

Chase was criticised fo​r condemning riots and using the term ‘all lives matter’

Isobel Lewis
Tuesday 02 June 2020 08:00
Love Is Blind's Kelly cries as she apologises for insensitive George Floyd comments

Love Is Blind contestant Kelly Chase has apologised after using the terms “all lives matter” and referring to Black Lives Matter protesters as “coloured people”.

The reality TV star, who appeared on the first season of the Netflix dating show, was accused of using racist language after condemning the riots taking place across the United States, saying: “Black lives f**king matter, absolutely. But this weekend, the last 48 hours the riots went f**king crazy, s**tstorm.

“What happened to George Floyd and every other coloured person, if I wanna use that. I hate describing people by their [skin colour].”

Following backlash from her followers, Chase took to Instagram Stories to share a teary apology video, saying that she was “ignorant” and remorseful for her actions.

“I created pain and used words that were offensive, and I meant no ill-intent from what I shared in my Instagram Story today,” she said. “I was trying to create impact and it backfired. I want to take this time to acknowledge my wrongdoings.

“I used the terms ‘coloured people’ and ‘all lives matter’ and I realise how ignorant that was, how uneducated I am and I’m really, truly sorry for the pain that I caused today.

She continued: “I realise that there are people hurting because of what happened with George Floyd and every other black person who is scared… I never meant to offend you, hurt you, hurt anyone from the black community. I am just very, very sorry. I am educating myself on what I can do to help.”

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EXHIBIT A: Girl every WHAT?! “COLORED???” Say that again... I don’t think I heard you right... more coming in next post. • AS A BLACK MAN, and the only Black man who was around some of these people, I am DISGUSTED to log on to messages from concerned fans today who are disappointed in some of my castmates lack of posting. And then we have people like THIS who still can’t get it right! And please don’t play victim. Y’all will NOT keep doing shit behind closed doors and the fans keep following y’all antics thinking you’re good people. I also have receipts from another Castmate justifying the n-word and another alleged racist. Stay tuned. Y’all picked the RIGHT NXGGA TODAY! Additionally STOP TELLING US HOW TO RESPOND TO THE MURDERS OF OUR PEOPLE! ✊🏾 This is so scripted and fake.

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Chase’s initial comments were condemned by her Love Is Blind castmate Carlton Morton, who also claimed that the other contestants hadn’t spoken out as they were all “Trump supporters”, sharing screenshots of Chase’s former partner Kenny Barnes defending The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown for rapping the N-word.