Danny Dyer is going into the Love Island villa to meet daughter Dani's new boyfriend Jack

Will the Essex boy get the father's seal of approval?

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 05 July 2018 19:40 BST
Danny Dyer's wife Jo hints he's headed into Love Island

Danny Dyer has confirmed that he is heading into the Love Island villa in Mallorca to meet daughter Dani's new boyfriend Jack.

The show traditionally has a 'meet the parents' episode in the latter half of its run, but it was thought the senior Dyer wouldn't be able to make it due to scheduling conflicts.

"...Right...I’m off to the villa...to sign my future son in laws canvas....lovely," he tweeted Thursday morning (sic) however, in reference to the poster for one of his films Jack apparently has hanging on his bedroom wall (something that was revealed much to the 23-year-old's embarrassment this week).

Dyer may have been swayed to find time for the show in his diary due to his daughter's success on it. Dani has been embraced by the nation and Jack has proven himself to be a loyal boyfriend throughout, the couple recently confessing their love for one another.

The "lovely" in Dyer's tweet suggests he's already a fan of Jack, who has repeatedly mentioned his nerves about meeting the Eastenders and Deadliest Men star.

“I don’t know what film it is, but Jack has got a poster of it. Not Dad’s face," Dani said shyly.

“If it was Dad’s face I’d have to end it now – I couldn’t walk in and see my dad on top of me and him.”

Dyer Sr.'s cameo could feature in Friday or Sunday night's episode.

Ratings smash Love Island continues every night of the week except Saturdays on ITV2 at 9pm.

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