Love Island: New arrival Sam takes aim at Adam over his treatment of women

The newcomer wants to 'teach Adam how to treat a lady right'

Ilana Kaplan
Friday 22 June 2018 08:24
Love island: Sam calls out Adam for being horrible to Rosie

Love Island newcomer Sam Bird had barely been on the island for 10 minutes when he criticised Adam Collard's behaviour towards some of the women in the house.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur didn't hold back on Thursday's episode, despite being new to the house, and many of his fellow islanders praised him for the bold move.

"I'm coming in to find love and maybe teach Adam how to treat a lady right, maybe," explained Sam, with a bit of a cheeky grin.

Sam was referring to earlier this week when Adam broke up with Rosie after new contestant Zara McDermott caught his eye.

After a tearful Rosie accused Adam of neglecting her because of Zara, Adam then claimed she was overreacting and that her jealousy had “pushed him away”.

In a statement, chief executive of Women’s Aid Katie Ghose said that Adam’s behaviour towards Rosie signalled “gaslighting and emotional abuse," and even asked viewers to stand up against domestic abuse.

Responding to what he had seen before arriving on the island himself, Sam explains how he would have handled the situation between Adam and Rosie if it was him.

"There’s like a bit of a weird situation with Rosie," Sam said. "Personally for me, I’ve got three sisters and if someone did that to one of my sisters, I’d be so annoyed."

He continued, "In my opinion, it looked like you used her. If I didn’t fancy someone and wanted to go for someone else, I would have approached them first."

Later in the confessional he added, "I think the Bird has ruffled some feathers in the villa. That’s all I’m saying."

(Credit: ITV)As tensions rose, Adam decided to declare war on Sam in the villa.

"The kid is going to try to get under my skin, but let the games begin," Adam said. "If he thinks he’s going to get one step ahead of me, he’s got another think coming."

Love Island airs each night at 9pm on ITV2.

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