Meghan McCain voices support for Britney Spears and blasts Justin Timberlake

'We have to look at why we treated a woman who was clearly in pain ... why we treat women like they're always crazy'

Rachel Brodsky
Los Angeles
Tuesday 09 February 2021 19:51
Meghan McCain supports Britney Spears on The View
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Meghan McCain voiced her support for the #FreeBritney movement on The View, where she responded to the media and fan buzz surrounding the recently released New York Times and FX documentary Framing Britney Spears.

The documentary, which explores the way the media and society scrutinised Britney Spears at the height of her fame in the 2000s and explores scepticism surrounding her still-active conservatorship, has earned support in many high-profile figures, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Tamron Hall, Miley Cyrus, and Rico Nasty.

"I think Justin Timberlake has some things to answer to, not just about Britney Spears, but about his role in sexualising and demonising Janet Jackson after the Super Bowl," said co-host Meghan McCain, referring to the "wardrobe malfunction" incident in 2004.

(Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dated for three years and broke up in 2002. He soon released the 2003 hit single "Cry Me a River", which appears to cast blame on Spears and accuse her of cheating. He later shared details of their sex life with shock jock host Howard Stern on national radio.)

"We have to look at why we treated a woman who was clearly in pain – and by the way, [Spears] was suffering from postpartum depression when she shaved her head and took an umbrella to a paparazzi car – [and] why we treat women like they're always crazy. Why women have no other option but they're insane maniacs," McCain added.

“We as a society have not treated Britney Spears right. We have done her dirty,” concluded McCain. “This is a moment in time for us to give her the support that she needs. And if she is in some kind of – what looks like being held against her own will by her dad … we as a society have a right to do the right thing with Britney Spears right now.”

Viewers also chimed in with their support for McCain's thoughts on social media. "This is first time i’ve ever agreed with meghan mccain #FreeBritney," wrote @lanikaps.

"Wow 2021 is really out here getting me to agree with Meghan McCain on something," wrote @yoitschellesoto.

"Thank you @MeghanMcCain and @TheView for discussing this topic!! #FreeBritney," wrote @KevKDC89.

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