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Narcos executive producer sues Gaumont Television claiming millions in owed profits

Katie O'Connell Marsh also executive produced Hannibal, Hemlock Grove, and F is for Family 

Clarisse Loughrey
Thursday 08 February 2018 11:10

A TV executive on hit shows like Narcos and Hannibal is suing over claims she's owed millions in profits.

Katie O'Connell Marsh has filed a lawsuit against Gaumont Television, according to The Hollywood Reporter, for alleged breach of contract, claiming that she hasn't been paid any of her share of gross receipts from Narcos, Hannibal, Hemlock Grove, and F is for Family.

Marsh stated that she knew the risks of joining a startup studio, but signed a three-year deal in 2010 under which she agreed to less guaranteed pay in exchange for other forms of compensation, including a 2.5 percent share of gross receipts from series she produced while employed.

When agreeing to another three-year contract as CEO in 2013, she didn't get a raise, but her perks included an increased share in gross receipts. In 2015, the company restructured and eliminated Marsh's position.

"Ms. O'Connell Marsh not only put GIT [Gaumont International Television] on the map in the television industry, but the series she developed as GIT's first employee have kept Gaumont financially viable to this day," attorney John Berlinski writes in the complaint.

"Unfortunately, despite her successes, GIT and then Gaumont have chosen not to honor their most basic contractual obligations to Ms. O'Connell Marsh and have failed to calculate or pay her MAGR [modified adjusted gross receipts] consistent with her Separation Agreement."

Narcos has three seasons currently available on Netflix and remains one of its most popular shows. Hannibal developed a passionate cult following on NBC, running for a total of three seasons.

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