Subscribers angry at news that Netflix is cracking down on password sharing with new measures

‘I’ll give my password to whoever I damn well please,’ wrote one user

Annabel Nugent
Friday 12 March 2021 13:50
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People are not happy to learn that Netflix is testing a new feature in a move to crackdown on password sharing.

Over the last week, the company has started showing some subscribers a warning that it will begin preventing unauthorised password sharing.

“If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching,” the disclaimer states, as per GammaWire. The viewer must then provide identity verification to continue watching – something which at the moment is not mandatory on the platform.

Users on social media have reacted angrily to the news on social media. One person wrote: “Netflix who the hell do you think you are? If I’m paying $15 a month to watch up to 4 devices I would be able to share my password with whoever I want.”

“I have literally been a Netflix subscriber for more than 15 years. I’ll give my password to whoever I damn well please,” said another user.

Someone else wrote: “This is seriously stupid, Netflix has billions, no amount of password sharing could stop them,” while a fourth added: “Hey @netflix this new password thing is really going to mess with my grandparents…”

“This is dumb. If Congress really cared about levelling the playing field and eating the rich, they would legalise pirating and password sharing,” wrote another person.

In January it was announced that the streaming giant would raise the cost of some of its UK subscriptions from next month to reflect the money being spent on content.

One subscriber addressed the platform in a tweet, which reads: “DEAR @netflix You raised your prices and we paid. The crackdown on password sharing is despicable..SOME can’t afford your services.

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“There are jobless, people on fixed incomes who enjoy but can’t afford it. Lower your prices so we all can afford it & not share passwords.”

The move against password sharing marks a switch in strategy for Netflix.

As noted byThe Hollywood Reporter, CEO Reed Hastings previously said: “Password sharing is something you have to learn to live with because there’s so much legitimate password sharing – like you sharing with your spouse, with your kids… so there’s no bright line, and we’re doing fine as is.” 

There is not yet any announcement from Netflix on when the security measure will be officially rolled out across the platform.

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