Nigella Lawson pronounces 'microwave' strangely on Cook Eat Repeat

Nigella Lawson’s bizarre pronunciation of ‘microwave’ sends BBC viewers into hysterics

Chef gave the word a unique pronunciation while presenting Nigella’s Cook, Eat Repeat on BBC Two

Louis Chilton
Tuesday 08 December 2020 13:42

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has provoked amusement from TV viewers with a strange pronunciation of the word “microwave”.

While appearing on last night’s episode (7 December) of her current BBC cookery series Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat, Lawson could be heard uttering the word for the common kitchen appliance as “mee-cro-wa-vay”.

While it was seemingly intended as a humorous mispronunciation by the chef, fans of the series took delight in the bizarre speech quirk.

One viewer described the moment as “truly iconic”, and tweeted with the hashtag “#microwavé”. 

“Eternally grateful to Nigella Lawson for letting us know we've all been mispronouncing microwave for the last 50 (or so) years,” joked another.

Someone else wrote: “@Nigella_Lawson pronunciation of 'microwave' is a highlight of 2020 for me #CookEatRepeat.” 

“After hearing @Nigella_Lawson pronounce the word ‘Microwave’ my life has changed,” joked someone else.

Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat airs at 8pm on Monday on BBC Two.

The series follows Lawson as she shares her kitchen habits and rituals, digging into the inspirations behind many of her best-loved recipes.

Following the conclusion of the six-episode series, a Christmas special is set to air on Tuesday 22 December, and will see Lawson prepare a number of festive-themed foods.

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