Noel Clarke: EastEnders star James Alexandrou says he was ‘scared’ to speak out against actor

Clarke ‘vehemently’ denies sexual misconduct and criminal behaviour

Ellie Harrison
Monday 03 May 2021 16:45
Noel Clarke reflects on his Bafta rising star win

EastEnders star James Alexandrou has said he feels “ashamed” for not having spoken out against Noel Clarke.

On Thursday (29 April), a Guardian investigation was published, in which 20 women came forward with accusations against Clarke of sexual harassment, unwanted touching, groping, sexually inappropriate behaviour, bullying, and unprofessional misconduct between 2004 and 2019.

Clarke has apologised “deeply” for his actions and said that he will be seeking professional help. He continues to “vehemently deny” sexual misconduct or criminal behaviour. 

Posting on Twitter, Alexandrou wrote: “Noel Clarke had too many of scared us for too long. I genuinely feel ashamed I didn’t do more to stand up for friends of mine he hurt. Innocent until proven guilty, but this was long overdue.”

Following the allegations, Bafta suspended the actor, writer and director. Meanwhile, Sky, the broadcaster that aired his series Bulletproof, stated: “Effective immediately, we have halted Noel Clarke’s involvement in any future Sky productions.”

Earlier this month, Clarke was honoured with the Bafta for Outstanding Contribution to Cinema.

Clarke, who also received the Bafta Rising Star award in 2009, is an influential filmmaker and actor in the UK. He became known for his role as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010.

He is also behind the trio of films Kidulthood (2006), Adulthood (2008), and Brotherhood (2016), having written the screenplays for all three and directed the final two.