Orange Is The New Black Season 3 trailer: 8 things we learned from release date to Ruby Rose character

Crazy Eyes is writing erotic fiction

Christopher Hooton
Friday 10 April 2015 09:48

Netflix dropped the first trailer for Orange Is The New Black season 3 yesterday (watch at the bottom), a fast-paced montage of sass, threats, tears and fist fights.

It looks to be an emotional season – here's everything we could glean from the teaser:

1. Release date

June 12. It's back a little later in the year, once again with all episodes being released at once.

2. There's no Larry Bloom

At least in the trailer. This will delight the vast majority of OITNB fans, though I liked him (only as a character, obviously he's a bit of a douche).

3. Ruby Rose's character catches Piper's eye

She's been said to play a "lust object" in Litchfield.

4. Alex is back behind bars

And does not seem to be having a fun time

5. We're finally going to hear Nicky's back story

Which is great as she's one of the most compelling characters. Scenes for it were shot in Astoria, New York last year.

6. Pennsatucky is back

She was largely absent from season 2 after Piper beat the living hell out of her at the end of season 1.

7. Big Boo gets a makeover

There must be a reason for that awful bob sub-plot-wise.

9. Crazy Eyes has written erotic fiction

Truly Fifty Shades of Cray. Uzo Aduba got an Emmy for her performance in the last season and looks to be on top form once again.

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