Patricia Arquette slams Donald Trump on climate change and women’s rights: ‘Say no to the destruction of our planet’

Actor urges others to vote Democrat in 2020

Clémence Michallon
New York
Thursday 05 March 2020 18:48
Patricia Arquette's anti-Trump winner speech

Patricia Arquette is taking Donald Trump to task on the topics of climate change and women’s rights.

The actor urged others to vote Democrat in the 2020 presidential election through a series of tweets on Wednesday.

“Donald Trump has done nothing but expedite climate change inducing policies with four more years that would only get worse,” she wrote.

“Say no to mass extinction and the destruction of our planet. Vote Democrat.”

Arquette envisioned a future with “a Democrat in the White House” and “a majority Democrat Senate and House”.

“Make it happen,” she added.

She then highlighted the importance of reproductive rights, adding: “Women’s right to chose is hanging by a thread. DO NOT LET TRUMP WIN.

“You lose the courts for a generation you will lose many things.”

Arquette tweeted on the same day Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race, endorsing Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren has since also terminated her campaign.

Three Democrats remain in the running for the nomination: Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard.

On the Republican side, William F Weld is running against the president.

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