Retired lorry driver discovers he looks exactly like Walter White, enjoys local fame

'It makes you feel like somebody'

Christopher Hooton
Friday 14 August 2015 14:20 BST

A 68-year-old man from Crystal Palace was shocked when he saw what he thought was a photo of himself on a friend’s phone, only to discover it was of everyone’s favourite homicidal meth cook, Walter White.

This wasn’t a case of him impersonating the Breaking Bad character then, but an accidental incredible likeness to Walt’s Heisenberg phase.

“The only change I've made to my look in the last eight to ten years was that I started wearing glasses, apart from that I've done nothing at all,” Will House told the Croydon Advertiser.

The resemblance goes right down to the marks on his and actor Bryan Cranston’s faces.

"It is crazy how much he looks like me. I have seen all of the show now and it's brilliant – the similarities are shocking, though. I've got a little mark on the side of my face and so does he. He's got scars down his forehead just like me as well. It is uncanny really,” House added.

The pensioner is now starting to find work as Heisenberg, ‘standing in’ for Cranston at a club recently.

“I say hello to people and have photos with them and they can go home saying that they've seen a celebrity,” he explained.

“It was quite good fun, it makes you feel like somebody."

House insists facial features are where the similarities between him and Walt end though.

“We're quite different, I'm just a happy-go-lucky sort of a guy,” he said. "I have got my family and my grandchildren and they're most important to me. I've not even tried the old wacky-backy, I have the odd drink and that's it."

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