Roman Kemp reveals mental health struggles left him suicidal in new documentary

Our Silent Emergency will air on BBC Three on Tuesday 16 March

Annabel Nugent@annabelnugent
Friday 12 March 2021 08:46
Roman Kemp breaks down during emotional tribute to producer Joe Lyons

Roman Kemp has opened up about his serious mental health struggles.

The TV and radio star revealed that he has previously experienced suicidal thoughts while reflecting on his mental health journey with his mother in his new BBC Three documentary Our Silent Emergency

“Since I’ve been 15, I’ve been on my own mental health journey which starts with being on antidepressants, and moving through staying on antidepressants into my adult life,” said Kemp.

He continued to speak about his anxieties over “everything: how I looked, what I was doing work-wise, ‘Am I doing my job because of who my dad is?’, ‘Am I being a good boyfriend?’”.

Kemp is the son of Spandau Ballet bassist and actor Martin Kemp and Wham! singer Shirlie Holliman.

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Recalling his experience with having suicidal thoughts, the 28-year-old said: “I remember being in the bedroom, not knowing what to do, and the only thing I could do was going to the floor, on my knees, with my hands around my head, and just crying. I remember saying to myself, ‘What’s the point? Why am I carrying on?’”

Kemp said that the death of his friend and radio producer Joe Lyons in August last year left him “absolutely destroyed” and that Lyons’s death inspired him to film this documentary about men’s mental health.

Ronan Kemp: Our Silent Emergency will tell the radio host’s own story, as well as explore men’s mental health.

The feature will air on BBC Three on Tuesday 16 March.

You can contact the following organisations for support with your mental health in the UK: MindNHSSamaritans. In the US, Mental Health America has useful resources.

You can find helpful tips on how to start a conversation, or if you are worried about someone else, on Samaritans website. You can contact the Samaritans helpline by calling 116 123. The helpline is free and open 24 hours a day every day of the year. You can also contact Samaritans by emailing The average response time is 24 hours.