Rupert Everett says ‘maybe we’ll get rid of Boris’ after Trump US election loss

Actor also called out cancel culture in GMB appearance

Ellie Harrison
Monday 09 November 2020 09:47
Boris Johnson announces second national lockdown

Rupert Everett has said he hopes Donald Trump’s defeat in the US election will “have a knock on effect” in UK politics.

The actor said of Joe Biden’s win: “It’s been a week on tenterhooks and it’s left everybody very raw and nervous, but I’m thrilled.”

He told Good Morning Britain: “I think Trump is essentially an unacceptable person to be the President of the United States for many reasons. I think it’s great there is a new era. It will have a knock on effect everywhere and maybe we will get rid of Doris [Boris] some time soon!”

Everett also criticised cancel culture, comparing it to the “Stasi” and saying: “I find the whole woke system a little bit humourless, I don’t think it has much perspective. 

“It’s judgemental and vindictive and it doesn’t have any human sympathy to it. It’s like being in East Germany.”

Everett most recently appeared in the Channel 4 porn drama Adult Material alongside Hayley Squires.

In a four-star review for The Independent, Ed Cumming wrote that the drama “ought to make millions of viewers squirm with discomfort”.

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