The Masked Singer: Sarah Palin stuns viewers with ‘Baby Got Back’ performance in bear costume

Former Governor of Alaska and vice presidential pick enthusiastically sung the Sir Mix-a-Lot hit to significant viewer horror

Adam White
Thursday 12 March 2020 09:01 GMT
Sarah Palin sings 'Baby Got Back' on The Masked Singer

Sarah Palin has left viewers stunned after revealing herself as a contestant on The Masked Singer.

The former vice presidential nominee was disguised as a bear on the surreal reality series, which sees a panel of judges attempt to guess the identities of singing famous people dressed in elaborate costumes.

After being booted from the series, Palin embarked on an enthusiastic rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”.

Nick Cannon, the host of The Masked Singer, remarked upon Palin’s unveiling: “This might be the most shocked I’ve ever been on this show.”

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, that’s for sure,” Palin said. “But it’s all about fun. It’s unity. This is all good. This is something that our country needs right now, too.”

Palin went on to explain that she chose her bear alter ego as a tribute to her personal nickname.

“The bear is part of my nickname growing up and the whole ‘Mama Bear’ thing, and they’re in Alaska,” she said. “Bear was easy.”

Palin repeatedly called herself “Mama Bear” on the 2008 campaign trail, wherein she was selected by the late John McCain to be his potential vice president.

On Twitter, viewers reacted in horror to the reveal.

“Sarah Palin was just revealed as one of The Masked Singers and yes we are fully committed to dystopia,” tweeted one person.

Another added: "Sarah Palin is rapping on national television. Tom Hanks has coronavirus. God SAID f*** ya’ll to the human race. Period.”

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