Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer and Donald Trump kiss as Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin return

The sketch saw Melissa McCarthy's take on the White House Press Secretary embark on a wild journey on his motorised podium

Donald Trump and Sean Spicer kiss on SNL

Melissa McCarthy made a triumphant return to host Saturday Night Live, officially joining the heralded 5-timers club in the process.

Of course, the show didn't waste the opportunity to also invite back McCarthy's scene-stealing impersonation of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, depicted as the fraught, yelling, podium-grabbing buffoon that we all basically conceive him to be.

The sketch saw Aidy Bryant's Sarah Huckabee Sanders filling in for Spicer, who she reassured was fulfilling his naval duties, though he was clearly hiding in the bushes outside.

Not for long, however, as Spicer made his return with a fire extinguisher to put the "pants out" of the press for lying, before declaring: "Spicey's back, Sarah's out. Let's do this."

Responding to questions about Trump's state of mental health, Spicer retorted: "If he’s crazy, he’s crazy like a fox with mental problems." The answer to Russia's possible links to the Trump campaign were then explained through a series of Russian dolls, with Ghostbusters' Slimer standing in for Steve Bannon and Pikachu for Jeff Sessions.

However, pushed on the idea Trump may be lying to him even though "he wouldn't do that, he's my friend", Spicer and his motorised podium took a journey to New York City to confront his employer.

Reassured that Trump only asked him to lie "since you started working here" and that he could never be replaced by Sarah because she doesn't have his "special spice",the pair then locked lips for a passionate embrace.

Melissa McCarthy is back as Sean Spicer in SNL

We can't wait for Trump to tweet about this sketch, that's for certain.

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