Seth Meyers on Anthony Scaramucci: 'His last name is longer than his tenure'

The late night host called The Mooch a '114-pounds of alfredo sauce, hair gel, and rage'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 01 August 2017 10:59
Seth Meyers: Scaramucci's last name is longer than his tenure

Following the news Anthony Scaramucci, seemingly everyone with a Twitter account took to the social media service, posting witty memes and stolen content.

America’s late night hosts, of course, were the ones to really tackle the news, the likes of Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert, and Seth Meyers taking significant amounts of time to dissect the news.

One of the funniest was Meyers, who dedicated the episode’s Closer Look segment to the scandal.

First, he mocked Reince Priebus, Meyers criticising for being subservient to Donald Trump, backing up claims the President made about inauguration crowds and attempting to swat flies bugging the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

Ironically, The Mooch — labelled a “114-pounds of alfredo sauce, hair gel, and rage” — was responsible for the former Chief of Staff being fired just days ago, reportedly calling Priebus “Reince penis” during his tenure at the White House.

“So it’s official, the White House is a middle school cafeteria,” the host joked. He continued: “Trump made a choice and he chose Scaramucci, and we know Trump is nothing if not loyal, which means the Mooch is here to stay.”

After a White House statement read that the Moochy was out, Meyers said: “Wow, that’s a kick in the Reince penis. Scaramucci’s last name is longer than his tenure. Even at his last job, Trump only fired one person a week. At this point, getting fired is part of orientation.” Watch the full clip below.

Colbert took a similar attack line, telling his audience: “Scaramucci said he was going to fire everybody and he delivered”.

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