Seth Meyers awkward interview with Kellyanne Conway about Donald Trump

'I don’t know if we are fans of you'

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 11 January 2017 11:13
Seth Meyers and Kellyanne Conway share awkward interview

Over the course of the election, Seth Meyers’ Late Night show was a consistent critic of Donald Trump’s campaign, calling The Apprentice star out on numerous occasions.

Following Trump’s victory, Meyers upped the anti, critiquing the President-elect’s administration at every turn, particularly in his ‘Closer Look’ segments.

Trump’s campaign manager and future Counsellor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on the show as a guest. As expected, things got awkward pretty quickly.

“Does the President-elect know you’re here,” asks Meyers, to which Conway responds: “He does… He’ll watch at some point, we’re fans.”

“I don’t know if we are fans,” replies Meyers to laughter from the audience. Conway then clarified she was referring to herself and Trump being fans of NBC rather than Meyers.

Contentious subjects throughout the interview include talking about Russian hacking, background checks, and why the President-elect hasn’t held a press conference over the last 63 days.

“The President-elect has been very busy forming his government,” Conway told Meyers when asked about speaking to press.

Meyers replied: “But every President who ever puts a government has that.”

Conway: “They haven’t had…”

Meyers: “They haven’t had to meet with Kanye?” The audience were, of course, laughing throughout. Watch the entire interview below.

Recently, leaked Russian documents alleged Moscow holds a compromising dossier on the President-elect, causing concern in the US.

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