Severance fans go wild as Apple TV+ finally drops first look at season 2

‘This is one of the best shows ever made,’ said one viewer, after waiting two years for more episodes

Ellie Harrison
Tuesday 11 June 2024 09:28
Coming to Apple TV+ trailer

“Welcome back, it’s been a minute.” And with those six words from Severance’s Lumon supervisor Milchick, in the first glimpse of season two, fans of the series have gone wild.

Severance stars Adam Scott, Tramell Tillman, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry and John Turturro as employees of a dodgy biotech company that “severs” its employees with a medical procedure, dividing their work and home lives completely.

It’s been more than two years since the workplace thriller aired its mind-blowing finale, and this is the first peek we’ve seen at the new episodes.

In a trailer for Apple TV+’s forthcoming shows, Scott’s Mark can be seen popping on his lanyard and walking into the office, to be greeted by Tillman’s Milchick.

Other short clips show him lying on a meeting room table, running down white corridors and yelling “wait!” as elevator doors close on him.

A first-look photo shared on Apple’s socials also shows Mark walking around with a bunch of blue balloons with his face on them. The caption reads: “Your innie has already seen this image.”

Fans are excited, to say the least. “I need it. This has seriously been the longest wait ever,” posted one person on X.

“This is the best show on AppleTV and one of the best shows ever made,” added another.

A third said: “Oh my actual God. I can’t wait! Top tier show.”

A fourth shared: “IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS GUYS OMHSBDKDO.”

The sci-fi series went into production on season two in October 2022, but has been delayed due to creative disputes and the Hollywood strikes. Filming finally wrapped in April this year.

Other series teased in the video include the return of Slow Horses, as well as Bad Monkey starring Vince Vaughn, Presumed Innocent featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Lady in the Lake (Natalie Portman).

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For a reminder of what happened in the Severance season one finale, read on. Spoilers follow, of course!

It was revealed that Helly R’s (Lower) Outie – the person she is on the outside – is actually Lumon CEO Jame Eagan’s newly severed daughter, Helena Eagan, and she’s just announced to a party full of Lumon shareholders the company is torturing its severed employees. This is all despite Ms Cobel’s (Patricia Arquette) huge efforts to prevent her from doing so.

Mark’s Innie, meanwhile, found out that Outie Mark has a supposedly dead wife called Gemma (Dichen Lachman), who we know is actually alive because in Lumon she is wellness director Miss Casey. He blurted out the news to a room of guests at Devon (Jen Tullock) and Ricken’s (Michael Chernus) book launch party.

Innie Irving (Turturro) went to the home of his romantic interest, now-retired severed Lumon employee Burt (Christopher Walken), whose Outie has a partner. And finally Dylan’s (Cherry) heroic hour-long battle to hold the switches keeping the mental gate open for his colleagues’ Innies, so they could find help on the outside, was shut off by Milchick who pushed him to the ground.

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