Simon Cowell: I can't be bothered to vote for the X Factor or Britain's Got Talent


Robert de
Friday 12 April 2013 09:19
Simon Cowell has launched a new talent contest You Generation
Simon Cowell has launched a new talent contest You Generation

Simon Cowell has earned a fortune encouraging people to vote for the acts on his talent show but the showbiz supremo revealed he has never cast a ballot.

The star, whose show Britain's Got Talent (BGT) returns to television tomorrow, praised former prime minister Lady Thatcher during a launch event for the hit ITV show in central London.

He said: "You don't get elected three times without talent. She polarised people but sometimes that is what people with talent do, some people like you, some people don't, you can't win over everybody."

Cowell's shows including BGT and the X Factor regularly feature public votes to decide the winners, but asked if he had voted for the Iron Lady he said: "I've never voted, never have. I support people but I've never personally voted. Couldn't be bothered."

Cowell, whose current deal with ITV comes to an end after this series, said it was "a pretty good bet" that there would be more shows.

He said: "I think the show is as much about people as it is about talent. The day it starts becoming boring I'll stop."


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